You know you want it..

I guess I should give you a name, or maybe something to call me, at least; I've been called many names, but I guess you could call me a ladies's man. I love women. I wouldn't say that I have a type, because I would go to bed with any physical kind of women. Long, Thin, Short, Chubby, big/small Tits/ name it. Call me a freak or a manslut and I wouldn't be able to deny, just because I know I really do sleep around. Altough I do have preferences. And this actually brings me to the first time I slept with a married woman....

Mer finns i dagboken, eller varför inte skapa något spännande du o jag.. tillsammans, nu? Hett.. Snuskigt o njutfullt..
Vått och blött.. ??
Mycket står i profilen,.
See you soon gorgeous!!
Denna kontaktannons är inte längre aktiv och du kan därför inte svara på den.