Let me flirt with your wife whilst you watch football

Hi all,

Please read this message with a hint of humor, I tend not to take life to serious :-)


Tonight is football night. Just imagine watching it with the guy's at the local pub or on the sofa all alone, without your wife disturbing you with dum questions about the off-site rules.

I'm offering you once in a life time to wine & dine her, take her out for a drink, dinner & a serious flirt with no strings attached. I mean, don't get me wrong, I will of course do my upmost best to seduce her & get her into bed, but this is entirely up to her and never an expectation from my side.


Tonight is football night. What could be more boring?, just imagine NOT having to site on the sofa next to your beer drinking man, pretending to care about the game. Let's meet for dinner or a drink, I'll even pick you up if needed or meet you at your place whilst your man is our with the guys. What I can offer is a social guy, always respectful, charming and a good flirt. If the chemistry is there and it needs to be there, I am of course open for more to happen. But whatever happen, your secret is safe with me.

I have no preference is age or size, the glimmer in the eyes & the conversation is what interests me in all aspects of life :-)

Hope for a positive response, see you later

Denna kontaktannons är inte längre aktiv och du kan därför inte svara på den.