Travel companion to England?

I'm going to be back home ( England ) by the end of November for 2 weeks and it would be nice to have some company.
Since joining BC I've met many nice people ( girls and couples ) but there's been one thing that always surprises me during our conversations is that almost everyone has never been to London yet.
If I could I'd bring everyone that I've met here but then it would break my bank account lol.
If you're open minded, adventurous and spontaneous here's a chance for you to have an amazing weekend in London*.
Further details I can give over a cup of tea somewhere neutral so that we can get to know each others better and have the chance to discuss how it's going to be.
*Before you ask yes I'm paying for your travel tickets.
For quick answers I have kik, snapchat and Skype.
If you've read until here many thanks and have a nice day.
Regards Fab.
Denna kontaktannons är inte längre aktiv och du kan därför inte svara på den.